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디자이너스 킹덤은
1998년 설립된 전문디자인전문회사입니다.

로봇디자인과 디자인소재분야는 주력사업으로 활동을 하고있습니다.

디자인영역은 DKR(Robot design), DKi(idea design), DKM(materials of design)으로 구분하며,
각각의 디자인 및 컨설팅과 제작등을 포함합니다.

디자인프로세스는 업무영역별 체크리스트를 통하여 개발되어질 제품의 특성에 맞도록 적용합니다.

designer’s kingdom is
specialized in industrial design which was established in 1998.

dk is deploying the nationwide activities with Robot design and design materials as the main business.

The design areas are divided into DKR(Robot design), DKi(idea design) and DKM(materials of design).
Each business area includes design, consulting and production.

Design process is applied to fit to the characteristics of each product to be developed through the checklist by business area.